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New arrivals & emerging communities (Leicester City)

We are excited to announce that we will now be providing support and services around sexual health and HIV prevention to all new arrivals and emerging communities within Leicester City.

As the diversity of communities across Leicester grow, we are hoping to reflect and support more people in the services that we can offer.

New arrivals and emerging communities include:

  • refugees and asylum seekers
  • international students
  • migrants
  • those coming from other countries to settle with family/partners in Leicester City

As our services are currently in the development stage, we are looking to partner with local agencies and organisations who work or support new arrivals and emerging communities across Leicester City. This could be in any capacity with the aim of establishing referral pathways across organisation and agencies and possible collaboration of targeted services. Services and support would explore all areas of sexual health, including contraception, testing and treatment, as well as providing education and challenge myths around sexual health, sexually-transmitted infections and HIV.

We are also looking for volunteers from all communities who are up for the challenge of talking about sexual health and HIV prevention within their communities (with full training provided by Trade and Haymarket Health sexual health clinic) and can also speak any of the variety of languages that are spoken across Leicester (there are over 40 of them!).

If you're an individual, agency or organisation who would like to get involved in this unique opportunity, email