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Trade Services - Training and Consultancy 

Expertise, Relevance, Impact

Trade Training and Consultancy is led by…

Gavin Brown is CEO of Trade Sexual Health and one of the UK’s most eminent experts of geography and sexualities. Over his three-decade academic career, Gavin published five books and more than 50 scholarly articles, mentored diverse learners, and designed innovative and high-impact curriculum in the fast-moving area of LGBTQ+ issues. He is a highly skilled facilitator with a strong track record in supporting and managing highly-charged issues and contexts. Gavin is a sought-after collaborator and educator whose deep community and organising experience grounds his down-to-earth, engaging and informative approach to helping teams and individuals to develop meaningful and sustainable inclusivity.

Emma Battell Lowman holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Warwick, Fellowship in the Higher Education Authority, PRINCE2 Agile Foundation and Practitioner (2021), and is an award-winning educator and writer whose work has supported high-impact culture change in organisations including Canadian federal public health agencies. More locally, Emma has delivered effective team (re)alignment and focus interventions for Leicester-based NHS teams and local charities. With Trade Training and Consultancy, she unites her expertise in dynamic engagement and learning with a long-standing passion for sexual health and wellbeing.

Gavin and Emma’s collaboration benefits from their diverse and international experience and their shared and intersectional approach to social justice. They work closely with other members of team Trade to deliver highly effective sessions and look forward to helping teams and organisations benefit from improving understanding and action around gender, sex, and wellbeing. 


Our expert trainers deliver high-quality content adapted to your specific needs.

We excel in connecting with and supporting learners at every stage, managing difficult conversations, improving understanding, and generating positive workplace culture change.

Based in the Midlands, the specific challenges around LGBTQ+ understanding and inclusion in our diverse communities inform our approach.

All our sessions are delivered by two expert trainers, with regularly updated decks created by subject matter and educational experts. Our approach to facilitation supports meaningful participation for diverse learners and needs.

We curate supportive, critical, and engaged learning environments to take the weight of hard-to-ask questions and answers so your teams can focus on what they do best.

Book a no fee, no obligation 20-minute initial consultation to discuss your needs 

As part of our HIV prevention contract across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, it may be possible to be able to deliver some of the training courses we offer free of charge. Restrictions do apply, but please contact us for further information.

Choose from our suite of modules below, or we can discuss a bespoke session or programme.

Modules can be delivered as a 90-minute online interactive session, a half day session, or a full day session. See below for details and prices.

Improving Understanding of LGBTQ+ Terminology and Issues in the Workplace

This accessible overview helps learners find their connections to LGBTQ+ issues and to recognise and understand key LGBTQ+ terminology. We connect the changing nature and visibility of LGBTQ+ terminology and issues to other examples familiar to participants and share strategies for what to do when we get it wrong.

Learners will:
  • Develop a robust understanding of key current LGBTQ+ terminology
  • Discover how and why this terminology changes over time
  • Build confidence to contribute actively to inclusivity in the workplace

Strategies for Actively Inclusive Workplaces

This session empowers participants to become more comfortable and confident actively supporting inclusivity in their workplaces. We start by building understanding of why inclusivity is important and what meaningful inclusivity looks like. We then introduce strategies participants can use to confidently navigate, and positively contribute to inclusive practices and environments.

Learners will:
  • Understand the relevance and importance of inclusivity
  • Identify inclusivity strategies useful to their role or workplace
  • Build confidence to deploy those strategies through practice and discussion

Rights and Responsibilities

This session helps groups and organisations understand rights and responsibilities related to LGBTQ+ people in their teams and organisations. We explain relevant legislation, best practices, and how and why these came to be. Issues relating to LGBTQ+ people may connect to other issues or needs, so this session also investigates what happens when rights and responsibilities clash.

Trans Awareness

By providing clear and accessible information and explanations, this session helps diffuse tensions around transgender issues that may impact workplaces or team culture. We will consider representation, inclusive spaces, and how to talk about these issues at work. We will also engage the awkward questions participants may encounter to improve their confidence engaging with these issues positively and inclusively. 

Learners will:
  • Develop a robust understanding of transgender terminology
  • Strategise how to deal with transgender issues and language in the workplace
  • Build confidence engaging positively in the creation/maintenance of inclusive workplaces

All the modules above are available as a 90-minute online interactive session, a half day session online or in person, or a full day session online or in person.

Half day sessions include:
  • Up to 3 hours ‘live’ delivery online or in-person
  • Adaptation of modules or development of bespoke sessions to align with organisational priorities and issues
  • Activities based in scenarios and situations specifically  relevant or familiar to participants
Full day sessions include:
  • Up to 6 hours ‘live’ delivery online or in-person
  • Adaptation of modules or development of bespoke sessions to align with organisational priorities and issues
  • Activities based in scenarios and situations specifically  relevant or familiar to participants
  • Individual and group problem-solving strategies, with bespoke examples and activities
  • A curated and annotated selection of resources to help participants and leaders continue their learning and development after the session

If cost is a barrier, we offer the modules above as online sessions at a cost of £20 per person or £50 for 3 people (from the same organisation).

Please email for information.

Trade Services – Consultancy

Our team brings together decades of expertise in LGBTQ+ and connected issues, professional experience across public, private, and third sectors, and proven track records of effective support and interventions to address issues connected to inclusion/exclusion at all levels of operation. We identify how to reduce friction for staff, workers and clients, to boost benefits of meaningful inclusion, and provide expert compassionate support that enables smooth and sustainable change.

Consultancy Services Include…
  • Organisational audits – critical constructive review of pain points for identified user groups, evidence-based practical strategies for addressing issues and streamlining resource optimisation
  • Policy and procedure reviews in light of current legislation and best practice
  • Bespoke support sessions for managers
  • Strategy recommendations and support for specific interventions, planning wider culture change and grant writing.

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