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Trade Partnership Week: UAVA

Wednesday, 19th April 2017

The second agency we are showcasing as part of Trade Partnership Week is UAVA.

What is UAVA?

UAVA stands for United Against Violence and Abuse, and is a consortium of three local specialist providers of domestic abuse and sexual violence services.


The 3 providers are:

  • Women’s Aid Leicestershire
  • FreeVA – Free from Violence and Abuse
  • LWA – Living Without Abuse

UAVA co-ordinate domestic and sexual violence services for any male or female over the age of 13 across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, and provide a variety of services, including:

  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisor (IDVA) services, including crisis intervention
  • Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) services
  • Family services (Leicester City only)
  • Safe home and refuge services (Leicester City only)
  • Perpetrator programmes (Leicester City only)

What do Trade currently do in partnership with UAVA?

Trade currently deliver counselling sessions for LGB&T men and women and heterosexual male victims of domestic abuse aged over 16.

To find out more about UAVA, visit their website: or call their helpline on 0808 80 200 28 between 8am-8pm Monday-Saturday. 

Alternatively, you can text them on 07715 994 962 or email

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