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LGB&T hate crime

LGB&T Hate Crime

Trade wants to help you feel safer in the community you live in and wants to support you to do that.

Trade continues to assist Leicestershire Constabulary in their commitment to stamping out crime motivated by hate and prejudice.

Are you, or do you know people who are being bullied, assaulted, harassed or verbally abused because you, or they, are lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans?

Trade and the police would like to know if you face hate and prejudice in your life, because of your sexuality, gender identity or the sexuality or gender identity of someone you know. It can help to talk to someone and reporting any incidents can help the police target the right areas.

In order to achieve this we need your help.

Why Report?

If you or anyone else has been subjected to harassment, assault, bullying or verbal abuse, then please report the incident. You can speak to us confidentially at Trade or report the incident using the following links:

For incidents that take place in Leicestershire, regardless of where you or the victim lives, follow one of these links and you can complete the form online:

True Vision

True Vision is Leicestershire Police’s alternative way to report homophobic or transphobic hate incidents:

What Can I Report?

Any incident where you believe you, or anyone, has been targeted because they are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or trans.

Any incident you know or believe to be motivated by homophobia i.e. graffiti, harassment by neighbours, bullying in school or verbal abuse.

You can also report domestic abuse, violence or aggression against someone by a family member, partner or ex-partner in an existing or previous relationship regardless of gender or sexuality.

Who Can I Talk To?

You can speak to us at Trade on 0116 254 1747 or if you want to contact the police in confidence, you can contact Leicestershire Police on the new non-emergency contact number 101 and ask for your local Hate Crime Officer.

You can also visit any police station. To find your nearest police station click here:

In an emergency always dial 999.

Victim Support

Victim Support is the national charity for victims of crime and witnesses.

They provide free emotional support and practical help to victims. They are independent and their services are confidential so you can talk to them even if you don’t want to speak to the police.

In Leicestershire, Victim Support has a dedicated hate crime service. If you have been a victim of a hate crime, witnessed an incident or want to help someone you know who has been a victim, they can help. They can give you support and reassurance, and help you to deal with problems the crime might have caused.

Victim Support’s specially trained hate crime volunteers can:

  • Help you to cope with the emotional effects of being a victim of hate crime.
  • Support you and other members of your family, if necessary.
  • Help you to get in touch with other organisations that can help if there are problems they can’t deal with.
  • Help you to deal with other agencies, such as the police or housing department.
  • Give you advice on safety and home security.
  • Organise practical help after a break in at your home, such as repairs to broken locks or removal of graffiti.

You can get in touch with Victim Support on 0300 303 1947, or through their website