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CLINIC xtra - LGB&T clinic

CLINIC xtra - The full sexual health check for LGB&T communities

At the end of 2015 Trade has opened full sexual health screening at their offices in partnership with Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland Sexual Health Services.

The aim of this service is to allow lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people to access all the screening expected from a local NHS sexual health clinic in an informal setting in Leicester City Centre.

The screening involves the choice of two types of tests, depending on your history, you may be advised to complete both;

  • Urine sample and/or swab tests from the throat/rectum/cervix (whichever is applicable) to test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea.

  • Blood testing for syphilis, HIV and Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C (where advised).

(You can find more information about above listed sexually transmitted infections and sexual health here)

The clinic is in a private room on site to ensure confidentiality. All information is kept strictly confidential and clients will be notified about the results within 10 - 14 days through text asking to contact the clinic. This would be the case only if results are positive for any of the tests, otherwise, if you are not contacted, then you can assume that all of your results are negative.

The weekly clinics are targeted to all members of LGB&T communities and we particularly welcome lesbian and trans communities who may appreciate professional, informal and supportive atmosphere at Trade.

We called it CLINIC xtra as we would like to welcome our clients to service beyond medical. While waiting in the drop in area, clients can catch up on the latest news, find out about Trade services, or talk to Trade worker available on site. Safer sex packs are also available and free to take away with a variety of resources available.

Hepatitis B Vaccination Programme

If you have not yet been vaccinated against Hepatitis B, we can offer you the vaccinations for free at CLINIC xtra if you are identified as within a high-risk group

You might be given a blood test before you’re vaccinated which shows if you've already had hepatitis B. If you have you’re now immune, can’t get it again and don't need the vaccine.

The vaccinations are given as two or three injections over four weeks. You only get the full protection if you have had all three of the injections. A blood test 8 weeks after the last injection will show if the vaccine has worked. After 5 years you may need another booster injection.

In order to receive the vaccination, we need to know in advance the day you wish to attend CLINIC xtra in order to start the vaccination programme. Vaccinations are not available if you just turn up on the day without having notified us that you're attending for a vaccination.

Call the Trade office on 0116 254 1747 to discuss the options available to you and also to book in your Hepatitis B vaccinations at CLINIC xtra.

CLINIC xtra Details

Date: Every Friday
Time: 12:00 – 2:00pm (last screening at 1:30pm)
Place: Trade, 2nd Floor, 27 Bowling Green Street, Leicester, LE1 6AS

No appointments necessary!

Cancelled Clinics

Unfortunately, due to nursing availability and public holidays, there will be no CLINIC xtra on the following dates:

  • Friday 19 July
  • Friday 4 October
  • Friday 11 October

If you need to access sexual health services over this period, please attend your local sexual health service, click here for more details.