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PrEP17: The coming of age of PrEP

Monday, 7th August 2017

In 2015, film maker Nicholas Feustel made a documentary film about the England PROUD PrEP trial. The documentary was shown at community events across the UK and formed the focus for PrEPster's Pushing for PrEP community education events. 

In January 2017, Nicholas returned to London to pick up what has happened to PrEP since the completion of the last film. PrEP17 explores the stories of over a dozen PrEP activists; current and former PrEP users; clinicians; and policy-makers. The 36-minute documentary film, commissioned by PrEPster, shines a light on how PrEP has become available to thousands of people, despite the failures of the health system.

Join PrEPster and Trade Sexual Health for the Leicester launch of PrEP17. The film will be followed by an interactive panel discussion of activists, PrEP users, and clinicians.

Come along and find out about: how people are accessing PrEP in England; when the new IMPACT PrEP trial will start; PrEP and if it might be something for you or someone you know.

PrEPster acknowledges the generous support of the staff at Rainbow and Dove; the staff and volunteers of Trade Sexual Health; Elton John AIDS Foundation.

Missed the event? Don't worry! The PrEP17 documentary is also available to watch for free online via the Prepster website. Click here to watch.

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