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LGB&T with learning difficulties and disabilities

Thursday, 12th April 2018

Yesterday Trade attended an important event in Leicester called "Choice Unlimited" a marketplace for independent living for those who have learning and/or physical disabilities. Following many questions, we had in terms of support for those who identify as LGB&T we would like to give you a list o useful resources in the subject of LGB&T and learning and/or physical disabilities affected individuals. Trade offers training for professionals, one to one support, counselling and testing availability to suit everyone's need so do give us a call if you identify that way or care for someone who does or you might think would appreciate our services.

LGBT rainbow is equal.


Useful resources on LGBT identities, gender, sexuality, sexual health and relationships


Easy read and accessible resources:


- Easy Health website with a range of health related leaflets, including a section on sex and relationships


- How to put on a condom (NHS Lothian) with photographs, developed in consultation with people with learning disabilities. Copies available via NHS Lothian’s Health Promotion Resource Centre.


- How to use a condom (NHS Highland) video clip


- ‘lesbian gay bisexual and trans’ booklet in easy words with line drawings (costs £6.99 or whole sex and relationships pack (5 booklets) for £32)


- Let’s talk about sex and relationships: easy read (2nd edition) (Altrum 2013) This booklet can help you get information about sex and relationships. Contact Altrum, c/o Partners For Inclusion, West Kirk, 84 Portland Street, Kilmarnock, KA3 1AA or email


- LGBT people with learning disabilities easy read report (LGBT Health Inclusion Project, Brighton) This report is about a meeting hosted by LGBT Health Inclusion Project, for LGBT people with learning disabilities and workers from LGBT and Learning Disabilities organisations.


- Making Choices, Keeping Safe (Easy Read) (Fife) Relationships and Sex: How staff can support adults with learning disabilities to stay safe and keep health. This is an easy read version of “making choices keeping safe – Fife version of relationships & sexual wellbeing best practice guidance for staff who support adults with a learning disability”


- Out and about! Supporting people with learning disabilities around same-sex relationships (Partners in Advocacy) easy read report on research into learning disability and same-sex relationships including information for individuals and advocates


- Photostory: Eric and Fraser’s story (NHS Forth Valley, 2013) young men in college dating and experiencing homophobia


- Photostory: Phil’s story (University of Bristol) about a gay man attending a day centre, based on research ‘Secret loves, hidden lives? Exploring same sex relationships for people with learning difficulties’ by the Norah Fry Research Centre


- Photostory: Jan’s story (University of Bristol) about a lesbian woman attending a day centre, based on research ‘Secret loves, hidden lives? Exploring same sex relationships for people with learning difficulties’ by the Norah Fry Research Centre


- Sexual health information leaflets – easy read (NHS Lanarkshire) 17 leaflets on sexual infections and sexual/reproductive health topics, available at



Further reading and resources for professionals

- Autism spectrum disorders in gender dysphoric children and adolescents (de Vries et al. 2010) Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders (2010) 40:930-936

- Breaking the silence Howarth, J. and Abbott, D. (2005) Learning Disability Practice 8.5 (June 2005) pp.10-11.

- Challenging homophobia and heterosexism (Norah Fry Institute) booklet for people with learning difficulties and the staff that support them


- Coming out of the shadows Blyth, C (2010) Learning Disability Today (June 2010) pp.14-16.


- Mates ‘n’ Dates Jones, C. and Magowan, E (2010) Learning Disability Today 10.8 pp. 32-34.

- Norah Fry Institute, University of Bristol including photo stories (‘Phil’s story’ and ‘Jan’s story’) in ‘resources’ section 

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