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'In the City' discussions every first Thursday of the month

Tuesday, 2nd April 2019

Our first of 'In the City': The series of discussions on current topics related to sexual health, LGB&T and volunteering is this Thursday 4 April 2019.
Topic: What you wish you knew about sex. sexual health and relationships when you were younger?
Background to this is recently accepted changes to the regulations for teaching 
Relationships Education and Relationships and Sex Education
in England's primary and secondary schools. 
All secondary schools will be required to teach pupils about sexual orientation and gender identity, and all primary schools will be required to teach about different families, including LGBT families.

Trade takes part in local Relationship and Sex Education (RSE) promotion delivering sessions across schools and colleges in Leicester.
With this discussion, we are giving you an opportunity to share your opinion of what you think it is worth to know and what you wish you'd knew when you were younger in terms of RSE and LGB&T perspective.

As well as participating in this discussion, we are hoping to engage you in the visual representation of your views (with arts and crafts materials provided) which will then be displayed in our office. This session will also give you an opportunity to learn how you can get further involved.
All welcome, light refreshments will be provided.


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