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HIV PrEP Engagement Event for professionals coming to Leicester

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

** Find out more about HIV PrEP and the IMPACT Trial in England**

** Inform how the Trial could reach people you work with**

St. Stephens AIDS Trust (with NHS England funding, and Public Health England support) has launched the PrEP IMPACT trial ( PrEP stands for pre-exposure prophylaxis and is an effective way to prevent HIV acquisition for all population groups at risk of HIV. The trial is recruiting 10,000 individuals through sexual health clinics across England.

The IMPACT trial Community Advisory Board is keen to engage with service providers who work with people at risk of HIV, especially from BAME communities, outside of the sexual health clinic setting. As such, we are planning to run engagement events across England about the IMPACT trial for providers of services such as:

  • GPs in areas of high HIV prevalence (which includes Leicester City);
  • Family planning and reproductive health services, including abortion services providers;
  • Trans service providers including Gender Identity Clinics;
  • Sex worker organisations;
  • Youth workers organisations – especially those working with vulnerable youth;
  • Migrant support organisations.

The aims of the engagement events are:

  • To increase knowledge about the PrEP IMPACT trial to networks, organisations, and individuals who engage with and are in contact with individuals or groups who might benefit from participation in the trial;
  • To identify and map activities that participants in the above events identify as being key to further engagement with other organisations in their networks, and with their target groups;
  • To identify the support and communication needs of event participants about the trial and the information they need to inform their target groups about the trial;
  • To bring together those with an interest in the trial and share good practice, learning and experiences from those who have successfully recruited diverse populations.

Date: Monday 30th April 2018

Time: 2:00 - 5:00pm

Location: Orange Rooms, Voluntary Action Leicestershire, 9 Newarke Street, Leicester, LE1 5SN

To register your interest, click here to download the booking form and indicate your availability and return it to england.voice-crg@nhs.nettwo working days prior to your chosen event.

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