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Health & Wellbeing Marquee at Leicester Pride

Friday, 1st September 2017

This year’s theme for Trade is all about POP (Pride in Our Partnerships). Over the last 17 years, Trade has worked and continues to work with some fantastic organisations to help support the local LGB&T communities. In celebrations, Trade and partners will be marching in the Parade and showcasing all those partners in the Trade Health & Wellbeing Marquee on Victoria Park. The interactive stalls include health checks, healthy eating tips, make your own refreshing drink by riding our smoothie bike, get a full sexual health check and of course Trade will be on hand to make sure you have everything you need to have a safe and happy Pride.

Better safe than sorry: Safer sex tips for Leicester Pride 

  • Stock up on condoms and lube. Safer Sex Packs are available in all gay bars and clubs. Or you can pick them up from the Trade Health & Wellbeing Marquee on Pride day.
  • Get to know all the facts about condoms, how to use them and how they can be damaged. For more information visit the Trade website and click on condoms.
  • Know your limits with alcohol and drugs, be prepared, make sure you carry your own condoms and lube and don’t rely on other people.
  • If condom breaks (within 72 hours/3days) you may able to get a treatment called PEP that can stop the HIV virus entering your blood stream. For more information visit the Trade website, click on HIV & AIDS and then click on Post Exposure Prophylaxis.

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