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Gsquared2masks fundraising for Trade & Karma Nirvana with Pride collections

Friday, 7th August 2020

In honor of Pride 2020 and the current pandemic, Gsquared2masks, a new British mask brand, is proud to partner with 2 amazing charities. £4 of all sales of the 'Pride Masks' will be donated to Karma Nirvana and Trade Sexual Health which have been providing support and guidance to the LGBTQ+ community.

Gsquared2masks ‘Pride’ collections features the iconic rainbow flag and also featuring two distinct designs to choose from. Gsquared2masks are made with high quality stretch fabric which is both comfortable and practical. They also focus their brand highly on the three Fs: Fashion, Function, Fantasy and it is shown throughout their collections which can be found online. Started During the worldwide pandemic, two Leicester based artist have come together to create a fashionable alternative to the disposable masks. These masks are for the everyday, the adventurous, and the eclectic people showcasing function with fashion.

Gurtej Matharu and Gurjit Dhanoa from Gsquared2masks say: “We are proud to support the charity Karma Nirvana with the amazing work they have been doing for people who need support and guidance to those who have been victims of honour based abuse and forced marriages both locally and nationally, In 2019 they were able to help 64 LGBTQ+ victims” 

"We are also proud to support Trade Sexual Health, which have been providing help, support and services to the LGBTQ+ community and bringing together people from all walks of life and create a positive impact on the community both in Leicester and further afield"

The funds raised will help support the LGBTQ+ community and also help people receive the support they need.

Masks are available to purchase through Facebook and Instagram: @gsquared2masks

Masks are available for £14 and will be launching in September 2020 for Leicester Digital Pride.

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