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5 tips for safe online dating #SafeInternetDay2018

Tuesday, 6th February 2018

1. Protect your identity 

Be careful with revealing your full name and all contact details straight away. Have a conversation first, get their name when you meeting up, ask for the real number, converse over the phone.

2. What you get may not be what you see

Always get more pics. Photos may be edited, outdated. Get social media profiles. 

3. Tell a friend

Good to share if you are going to the unknown location at the other end of town with someone you trust. Take your phone. Meet somewhere in public.

4. Be vigilant 

Be honest about yourself. Know your limits and be prepared to say no. Don't be rushed and don't rush the other person. Share location only when you are comfortable. Hide your valuables. 

5. Report attacks

Police won't act upon incidents they are unaware of. It is likely that the perpetrator will do it again to someone else. Just because you met in a dating app doesn't make an abuse less real.

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