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services & support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual
and trans communities of Leicester,
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Black History Month 2018

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018

Trade is supporting Black History Month 2018 with its programme of events in Leicester below "Know from whence you came. If you know whence you came, there are absolutely no limitat...

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We need PrEP on the NHS now

Tuesday, 17th July 2018

A 10,000 place PrEP trial was never going to meet demand – it’s time to make PrEP available to all who need it Alongside 32 other organisations, we are calling on NHS England and local authorities to ensure the routine availability of ...

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Volunteers' Week 2018

Thursday, 31st May 2018

Volunteers at Trade Sexual Health will be thanked for their contribution at #Biscuits&Games taking place on Tuesday 5th June between 5pm-7pm to mark Volunteers’ Week, which runs from 1-7 June. Trade Sexual Health is a health charity worki...

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LGB&T with learning difficulties and disabilities

Thursday, 12th April 2018

Yesterday Trade attended an important event in Leicester called "Choice Unlimited" a marketplace for independent living for those who have learning and/or physical disabilities. Following many questions, we had in terms of support for those w...

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HIV PrEP Engagement Event for professionals coming to Leicester

Tuesday, 3rd April 2018

** Find out more about HIV PrEP and the IMPACT Trial in England** ** Inform how the Trial could reach people you work with** St. Stephens AIDS Trust (with NHS England funding, and Public Health England support) has launched the PrEP IMPACT...

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